Communication that cuts through creates change that produces results.

Edification collaborates with your management teams to support your key business objectives. We diligently validate all of our recommendations and we strive to avoid staff disruptions, assuring efficient use of your most valuable assets.

Edification consultants contribute their expertise to deliver what you need, when you need it. Edification's superior project management provides needed input and ongoing communication. This well-crafted tactic enables us to meet and exceed your objectives - every time.

Custom communication tools that make a difference:

Client-focused strategies

  • Change management interventions
  • Employee engagement & experience tactics
  • Learning strategies & plans

Effective communication assets

  • Communication campaign brands & messaging
  • Multimedia shows - narrated or facilitated
  • Video & audio segments for instructing & coaching
  • Conference design & development

Courseware, learner-centered blueprints

  • Coaching programs & action plans
  • Performance-focused coaching workshops
  • Instructor-led & self-directed courseware
  • Mentoring initiatives
  • Job aids & reference guides

Well-scripted delivery plans

  • Project planning & implementation